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Fast and competitive quotes always from Mr Koh, purchasing a car from them years ago and they still have the great service, providing me with competitive quotes and service to renew my road tax on behalf of me after renewing my insurance. Best service award to Mr Koh!
Kelvin Wong / Manager
Impressive service from Mr Koh! My request for transfer of NCD from Malaysia to Singapore and then transferred to my wife, was rejected by my previous provider even though after being told there's a good chance to appeal ONLY AFTER I take up their insurance service. Met Mr Koh, he resolved the issue within a few days after furnishing him with details needed, he gotten my request approved and even found a better premium provider, overall I paid $640 after 50% NCD compared to when I took up my previous provider with 0% NCD at $1,750. Thank You Mr Koh! All the best to you!
Goh Kim Meng / Crane Operator
Bought my first car from Mr Koh since 20 over years ago, best dealer and the only dealer I have stayed with. Even before my car comes to an end, Mr Koh will be in contact with me and helping to find another car. Every end of the insurance period, Mr Koh will always contact me before expiry and prepared very competitive quotations for me to choose from, he even offered the service of renewing the insurance and road tax on behalf of me. All I have to do is wait for his text every year, take 1 min to choose the provider, and transfer him the premium and road tax figures and he will handle and renew everything on behalf of me. Best quality agent you can get from!
Bob Lim / Private Trader